We're a Sacramento based elevator company with a focus on Sacramento area elevators, escalators and chairlifts.   Having worked in the elevator/escalator industry for more than a century we've noticed, as most likely you


, that the quality of service in the elevator industry has been diminishing for some time.  In an effort to compete, especially during this period of economic concern, the major elevator companies have been overloading their elevator mechanics by increasing their service load, therefore reducing on-site


time at the behest of the Finance Department which, of course, focuses on the bottom line. This narrow focus normally produces an improved bottom line at the expense of customer satisfaction.

While we recognize that a healthy bottom line is paramount to continuing as an enterprise, we have demonstrated that a healthy bottom line can be achieved by providing outstanding service to your elevators and escalators. By providing effective mechanic on-site time, we can decrease call-backs and therefore unnecessary costs as well as minimizing building outages.  By taking the opposite approach to that of the average major manufacturer, specifically focusing on customer satisfaction not only enhances the bottom line but also creates customer loyalty which invariably leads to increased business.

It's all about good service!  Let us apply our custom designed elevator and escalator maintenance programs to your equipment.  By so doing we can keep your systems from having problems in the first place.  You'll be happier, your tenants will be happier, and your company can spend it's time doing what it was designed to do....making money.

Look around our site and see why we're the folks most likely to provide quality care for your elevator and escalator equipment.