We are a fifth generation family owned company that cherishes our lineage in the elevator business.  Our first family member to work in the elevator field started in 1924.  Since that time there has been an unbroken string of Buckman family members in the elevator business.  Most of the time there were two or more family members working on elevators and escalators.  There's a reason for that......we enjoy it.  We care about elevator and escalator equipment operation.  Few things are as enjoyable to us as listening to the hum of properly operating elevator and escalator equipment.

We're elevator encyclopedic.  We have stored knowledge of every type and manufacture of elevator and escalator and would be most pleased to apply our accumulated knowledge to  your equipment. 

We have one of the most extensive elevator equipment libraries in the elevator business.  Whatever your equipment type and manufacture it's a safe bet that we have technical information about it.  Because of that, you'll find that:

  • We lubricate to the manufacturer's specifications;
  • We adjust your equipment to installation specifications;
  • We service to the requisites of the equipment and the type of use.

You'll find our rates very affordable, our technicians extremely knowledgeable, and our service as near immediate as the telephone.  A  representative awaits your call on a 24/7 basis.

We would very much like to apply our accumulated knowledge to  your equipment.  Let us strut our stuff!